» How many sessions will I need?

Because the combination of high blood pressure factors is unique for each person, it can typically vary from 4-12 sessions over a suitable period of time. Your Certified Hypnotension Practitioner will ensure that the sessions are focussed to your personal needs so that you get the most benefit in the shortest time possible.

» How much does it cost?

Each Certified Hypnotension Practitioner sets their own pricing according to their geographic location. Please contact your local Hypnotension practitioner for details on the costs.

» How can I be sure I’m seeing a genuine Hypnotension practitioner?

Every Certified Hypnotension Practitioner appears in our Hypnotension practitioner finder, and may also display a certification logo on their website which updates every day.

» Will it work for me?

If you have Primary (or Essential) hypertension, are committed to lowering your blood pressure, willing to work with your Certified Hypnotension Practitioner and you do the tasks that they set, it should certainly work for you. Not everyone can return their blood pressure to ‘ideal’ levels in a short period of time, but even a modest reduction can slash your chances of having a stroke or heart disease by 10% or more. Find a Hypnotension practitioner.

» How do I get started?

Simply find your nearest Certified Hypnotension Practitioner and make contact with them!

» I’m on blood pressure medication, can I still use the Hypnotension program?

YES. Blood pressure medication manages the symptoms of high blood pressure whereas Hypnotension works with the underlying emotional ‘x factors’ and aggravating factors. So as the causes of your high blood pressure disappear, your GP may be able to reduce your medication over time.

» How long before I see any drop in my blood pressure?

Each person is different, so its impossible to give a precise timescale, however most people start to see a reduction in their BP within 3 or 4 sessions providing they are following the programme and doing all the tasks set. The number of sessions will depend on the number of x factors that have to be dealt with in your particular case.

» What about low blood pressure, can it help with that?

We are currently conducting a study into the effects of using hypnotherapy for low blood pressure. If it proves to be effective, we will be incorporating it in to the Hypnotension program and training our practitioners in to deal with it.

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» Will the programme have any side effects?

NO, unless you call a natural reduction in your blood pressure a side effect.

» I have secondary hypertension, can I use the Hypnotension programme?

Probably not. The Hypnotension programme is designed to help people with Primary or Essential Hypertension, as these types of high blood pressure are influenced by emotional and lifestyle factors. Secondary Hypertension is diagnosed when there is an identifiable medical condition, such as kidney disease, so whilst we may be able to provide some help, it will be limited by your underlying medical condition.

» What qualifications do I need to become a hypnotension practitioner?

To become a Certified Hypnotension Practitioner you need to meet all statutory or voluntary requirements for Hypnotherapy or NLP practice in your country, and have either attended a minimum of 120 hours professional classroom based training in Hypnotherapy or NLP OR have a minimum of 3 years full time practical experience. You must also maintain valid professional liability insurance cover of not less than one million pounds sterling or equivalent. Find out more…

» Will this count towards my Continuing Professional Development?

Yes, Hypnotension Practitioner Training can account for up to 10 hours of your annual CPD requirement with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), and up to 5 hours for the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Enroll here…

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